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mIRC is a popular Internet Relay Chat client used by millions of people, and bdmIRC is designed for people from Bangladesh with fun popups and bangla scripts.  Feel free to add your own custom made scripts to our website. 

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    Would you like to link a server to the bdmirc?
    Take a look at routing Rules and see if you meet the requirements to link to the bdmirc.

Server name Ports Server admin Server sponsor Region
irc.bdmirc.com 6660-6669,7000     USA
irc.bdirc.com 6666-6668     USA
irc.ircbd.com 6666,6667,6668,6669,7000     USA
irc.ircbd.net 6666,6667,6668,6669,7000     USA
irc.bdspace.com 6666,6667,6668,6669,7000     USA
irc.deshichat.com 6660-6667,7000     USA
irc.deshichat.net 6660-6667,7000     USA
irc.deshimirc.com 6660-6667,7000     USA
irc.bdchat.net 6660-6667,7000     USA

Latest bdmIRC 

bdmIRC v1.1 has been released.